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28 May

I finally got around to mowing my yard Saturday…for the first time.  It was pretty bad.

It’s just that I had to get a new mower, and they don’t fit in my car, so it took a while.  Also, my dad tried mowing it a couple of weeks ago.  He about killed himself.  My plum tree attacked him, and he ended up with stitches in his mouth and was pretty beaten up. (No pictures because I’m a good daughter.)  I finally managed to buy a new push mower this past week, so it became my priority for the weekend.  Of course, I waited until it was horribly hot.


I spent most of the day working on getting it mowed.  I had to take a lot of breaks even with that new-fangled self-propelled feature.

Bless my dad.  He came back with the riding mower and finished it the next morning since all I had left was the only open area in the yard (aka not anywhere near trees that would attack).

He also used his big mower to more finely chop the stuff my push mower just knocked down.  Sky and I are much happier now that we can walk through the yard and the thistles have been beaten down to size again.

Now I can move on to clearing and planting the garden.