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Getting Through

17 May

I think I’m getting through most of the stuff I need to do to get the herd back to healthy.  The vet came yesterday, and we treated the rest of the goats.  I just hope it’s soon enough that everyone can recover.  Mary has been very ill.


After everyone got treated, I put Lily, Vixen, Vinnie, Pistol and Antigone back with the rest of the herd.  Luckily, there wasn’t much fighting.  I hope that continues.

Pistol, Antigone, Lily, Vinnie, Vixen, Maggie and I can’t tell who’s clear back there.

I do have four yearling girls that I haven’t given a copper capsule to because I planned on selling them this summer.  I don’t want to keep them another six months, so they will be leaving the farm this weekend.


I also need to wean some kids.  Then I can put them in another area and feed them hay that didn’t come from my farm and make sure they have plenty of minerals.

Reva with Loki (and Zisa on the other side)

I will probably also sell the kids this weekend other than the ones I am keeping (or already have homes for).  Then I just have to hope that the copper helps those babies coming in June.


Sidney (yes, she is pregnant; hopefully just one)

I am really looking forward to getting this under control and having their health improve again.