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A Month Away

7 May

It’s hard to believe we’re just a month away from June kidding.  They will be a bit more spread out than spring break babies, and I have a couple that I’m not sure when they are due.  Here are my best guesses so far as to who is due and when.

Harley better be first.  I have been studying my calendar and when she would have been in heat and everything else, and I am calling her for June 7th – 14th.  With the back injury, I’m taking my figures to the vet, and we’re going to discuss a C-section.  This girl is killing me.


I have Haley written on my calendar with a question mark for June 12th.


Dolly is due on June 15th.


Haley’s girl, Zinnia, is due on June 17th.


Sidney, Dolly’s girl, is due on June 18th.


I have Cookie written down for June 20th.


Victoria is also going to have June babies, but I don’t have a date for her.  I did the calendar and counting forward by three weeks thing for her too, and I have a tentative date of June 24th.  We’ll see.

Victoria (following Loki across the ditch and in front of Reva)

I just really hope these babies are okay.