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A Post of Many Names

5 May

I have struggled to write this post.  I struggle with my failures on the farm, and it seems there is one thing I have not been able to overcome.  I don’t know what it is.  I wrote four years (five kidding seasons) ago about losing several kids due to something that my vets and the Iowa State University vets were not able to figure out.  It started in 2014 when Maisie had stillborn twins.  The rest of the kids were born and seemed fine, but then I lost: Haley’s boys Gaston and Gaston II; Harley’s boy Monterrey Jack; Maggie’s doe Blissin.

Haley and Gaston

I could only come up with listeria as a possibility, but the vets ruled it out.  Because it’s a bacteria, I worked to clean the barn.  I try not to feed them in the barn like I had to that winter (due to the steer being in there).


In 2015 Clover lost her babies Lexie and Luther.

Clover and Lexie

The next year she lost her babies again.  I thought that was going to be it, but that June Haley lost two of her triplets: Willie and Clyde.

Kip, Willie, Clyde

I was sure 2017 was going to be the year we didn’t lose any, and we came very close.  Blaze lost one of her twins, Willie.


This past winter was horrible, and I was forced to feed the goats inside much of the time because of the severe cold.  This spring has been devastating.  We had two babies born dead.  Since then I’ve lost Hilda’s twins, Sarah and Silas; Joani’s girl Persephone; and Mary’s girl, Punkin.  Yesterday it was Juno.

Punkin (Artemis)

Sadly, I’m afraid I’m still going to lose Clover’s kids.  Last night and this morning has made me wonder about Adonis.  Diana and Antigone are at a high risk also since their twins have died (but not certain).


We sent kids to Iowa State to be posted, and they found absolutely nothing.  They are continuing to try and figure it out.  My vet and I are of the opinion that it is some bacteria, but we have no idea what for sure.  I am beside myself.