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Hanging in There

27 Apr

I tell you, I feel like I’m constantly waiting and wondering when my animals are going to die.  Obviously, I’ve been watching and giving Snickers extra care for six full years now.  I never thought he’d ever be a geriatric, but he is.  I just keep wondering how much longer he can keep going.  Now Leo, with his age and diabetes is on that waiting list too.


I spent all winter worrying about Aurora and watching her gain and lose weight with the temperature.  She really seems happy to be out on pasture.  I hope she’ll keep gaining now.  I need to catch her and take the halter off.


Then there’s Harley with her back injury.  She’s hanging in there.  I keep giving her the meds and have her shut in with just her girls.  I don’t know how she’ll ever make it with being pregnant, but I keep trying.

Toffee, Twyla, and Harley

Mary, Clover, and Daisy seem to be in really bad shape too–worn down from having and raising kids with the horrible weather we’ve had.  I’m hoping the green grass and warm weather will build them up.

Daisy, Mary, Juno and Diana

Then there’s Sallie and Vixen.  They didn’t have kids, but they are anemic.  I’m not sure if it is age, bad winter, CAE, worms, or a combination of all of the above.


I’m really ready for things to be a bit easier.  I’m really worn out.


26 Apr

When I came home from work yesterday I saw a beautiful sight!

The tree had been removed from my fence.  It still looks pretty beat up, and I’m sure young energetic kids can go over the tree to the other side, but I’m also thrilled to have this progress.

It means I can let my old ladies and Aurora out.  I’m pretty sure they are not going to have the energy or good joints to make it out.  I just opened the panel at the edge of the garage, and it was not long before they figured it out.


The goats were quick to come out and stopped at the first sight of green.

Pistol and Antigone, (Ares and Stormy on the other side), Lily, and Vinnie

Antigone thought it was a whole new world out there.


That got the fat wethers all in an uproar.  It’s not like they get to go to the Back Forty every day.

Moose and Myson

Aurora followed at a more elegant pace.

She took some time to explore.

Is it me, or does she look happy to be given more space?

I was happy to see she went back to eat hay.  She’s been shut in a small space for several months.  She needs to get back out there slowly.

I am very grateful to finally be able to let her out though.


25 Apr



Punkin (Artemis)

Adonis and Apollo