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23 Apr

I shared during my week of spring break kids that Harley hurt her back.  Someone hit her and she was struggling to get back up.  I shut her in a pen in the greenhouse and had her on anti-inflammatory meds, and she was doing well.  She did so well that she jumped the fence and let herself out.  I wasn’t sure what to do because she was walking fine, and I was worried she’d keep jumping out and aggravate it that way.  I really felt like it was a no win situation.  I couldn’t shut her in the Love Shack where she couldn’t jump out because I still had little kids in there with a heat lamp.

Toffee and Harley a couple weeks ago

Well, I came home from work last Tuesday to find Harley largely unable to use her back end.  I’m guessing someone hit her again.  I got her shut in the Love Shack and got her started on the meds again.  I put her little girls with her for company.

Twyla and Harley (notice the wide stance on her back end)

Now it’s a waiting game to see if she gets better or worse.  To make things harder, she’s pregnant and due in June.

I am really worried about her.