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22 Apr

You might have guessed from yesterday’s post that I let the goats out to pasture this weekend.  I just hate having them shut in the barnyard, and they are cranky.  They need exercise and green grass.

I figure it should be safe to let them out around noon because who knows when we’ll be able to get a fence along this hill to make a safer pasture.

Coral was quite happy to get out there.  The exercise will do her some good.


I also felt guilty about the llamas being shut in the barnyard and stuck with hay, so I let them out yesterday too.  Buster got left up in the barnyard though because he had his face in the hay.

Buster and Ares

When he finally figured out he could go out to pasture, he seems to have forgotten the girls.

He eventually noticed them but couldn’t figure out how to get to them.  I’m guessing they’ll figure it out eventually.

Maybeline and Odie

I’m  not sure the llamas will make it back to the barnyard before fall.  They will be happy out there, and I’m guessing they’ll finally figure out the schedule of when the gate is open and when it is closed.