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They Win…Sort Of

6 Apr

Since goats were sneaking out, I had to open the gate to let them back in, so I let everyone out for a few minutes Wednesday eveing.  Then we had our closest to normal weather in a long time on Thursday, so when I got home from my doctor’s appointment, I decided to let them out.  They wasted no time in coming out.

Dolly leading the way

Then they went right past me.

You’ll notice I waited until the llamas were on the front pasture and shut them out there because I’m pretty sure I might not have gotten them to come back into the barnyard, and we’re back to ridiculous winter weather again today.

Bonnie, Myson, Moose, Zinnia and Harley (llamas on front pasture)

I think everyone enjoyed being out there.


A few kids came.  They certainly enjoyed it.

Wanda with Zephyr and Hermes

I hope this gets rid of some excess energy and everyone quits squabbling with one another.

It’s probably going to be a while before they get to go back out there again.