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Still Waiting for Spring

1 Apr

We are having our coldest Easter in ten years.  Our forecast for the next week or so is calling for temperatures averaging about ten degrees below our historical average.

Maybeline “I love my thick wool coat right now.”

Poor Vinnie really wishes she could be a snowbird and spend winters in Florida or Texas.  She is still huddling inside most of the day.


Still, if you can find a place in the sun and out of the wind it isn’t too bad.

Betty Lou

The kids that weren’t in the garage don’t mind it.  They don’t know how much nicer it’s supposed to be.


We are still going through a crazy amount of hay.  They are almost done with their second round bale.


We are all way more than ready for real spring warmth.

Still, if you look closely, you can start to see a hint of green in the pasture.