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Well Water Woes

4 Feb

It’s been a rough winter for the well.  It’s frozen.  I had the cattle tank overflowing.  The hydrant froze. The well has been frozen.  Did I mention it’s been frozen?  Well, one day last week I came home from work and was doing chores.  When I filled the water bucket, it was very slow.  I was baffled because the weather wasn’t very cold.  It was just at the freezing point.  Then I looked over and saw Sky’s water bucket was frozen.

Sky drinking earlier this winter

That means I had no electricity in the well house.

My dad was in Missouri, and he’s my usual go to for things electrical.  I called my nephew and neither of us could figure it out.  I called the electrician I’ve been trying to get to my house for close to a year to do a permanent fix to the band aide he put on the house last winter.  He was really nice and walked me through some things I could do.  First was to change fuses even though they did not look like they were burnt out.  I did manage to find fuses in the garage, so I was able to test that theory.

I changed the fuses, and when I flipped the switch back on, they popped.  He told me that meant it was an issue with something I had drawing electricity.  I went to my dad’s house and rummaged around and found some more fuses.  After I unplugged the heated bucket and the space heater, I tried it again.  I got the same result.  That means it had to be the well.  Nothing else was hooked to it.

earlier picture from the first time it froze

I decided I just had to call the well guys in the morning and set about getting water for everyone until it could be fixed.  Luckily the weather was warm and I just filled a big tub of water for the goats using the hose and the spigot on the side of my house, and got Sky a bucket of water the next morning before I left to go to work.

Annie in the background

I also had to turn off the heater to the cattle tank so it didn’t burn up once they got the water drained from it.  Luckily, it was warm, so the water wasn’t going to freeze.

Moose earlier this winter

All-in-all, it was pretty lucky to have warm weather when it decided to quit working.  Hopefully, it wouldn’t take long to get it fixed because more cold weather was on the way.