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Abscess Season

28 Feb

I swear we’re in the midst of abscess season.  It happens a lot when you have thistles in the hay.  They get poked and then is abscesses up.  It looks like Haley had a small one on her nose that’s healing now.


I noticed Hilda has a bump on her jaw (you can see it below).  It was really hard, and I checked it again on Sunday, and it was soft, but I couldn’t get it to drain.


It’s so hard to notice these things unless you’re looking just right.  When Aurora went outside on Sunday, she was actually fairly friendly and came to stand right beside me, so I noticed she has a huge abscess on her jaw too.


It was open, and she even let me drain it a bit.  It’s still big, and I’m sure her immune system isn’t as good since she’s been really sick.  This poor girl just can’t get a break.

I hope by the time you’re reading this (scheduling ahead because of parent-teacher conferences this week) I’ve consulted with the vet and we have all this taken care of.



Ice Challenges

27 Feb

I will say the ice adds challenges to doing chores.  Everything is more difficult (including not getting knocked down by the dog).


One that that is really more challenging is letting the birds in and out.


My door freezes shut.  Even when I think I have the mud and muck scooped away, the ground swells when it freezes, and it’s a challenge.

Gander, Peacock, and hen

They’ve been frozen in a couple of days, and I’m afraid my door isn’t going to make it through the winter/spring.

While the Weather is Good

26 Feb

Sunday was nice.  Monday and Tuesday are perfection for late February.  I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and let Lily and Aurora outside.


Lily was quick to go out.


Aurora followed a bit more cautiously.

I think they enjoyed it.

I hope she continues to improve and the weatehr stays warm enough for them to keep going out.