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A Harness

28 Jan

It hit me that in May I have to take Sky to the vet for his shots.  I don’t know how that’s going to work.


I cant’ keep a collar on him (although he still has collar #3).  Every time I try to hold him by the collar, he flops like a fish out of water and pulls it off.

I don’t know how he keeps working it loose.  I decided I better start coming up with a plan.  I ordered a harness!

“What’s a harness?”

Just measuring him for the harness was an adventure.  By my best sorta measurement, he needed a large.  It arrived this week.

I actually managed to get it on him, and then he flopped around.  He was working so hard to see, eat, or destroy it that he fell into the bookshelf and wall.  It was like he was drunk.

This weekend we started our training.  No big deal to start leash training a German shepherd when they’re a year old.  No biggie.  Really.

I am glad I still have four months before I have to take him off the farm though.  We’re gonna need it.