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Counting Hay Bales

17 Jan

Today, I’m finishing up the last of my 2016 hay.  This past year we didn’t put as many bales of hay in my barn because I still had a lot from last year that I wanted to use up.  I also wanted to clean the floor of the barn out because it’s about a foot deep in loose hay.

2017 hay

Then I started feeding the boys in August.

Sam’s back side, Fionn, and Xerxes

Now, with the crazy cold weather, I’m going through almost twice as much as I would for our more average winter temperatures.


I figured out that, if I feed five bales per day (which is generous), I can get through about the first week of March.


That’s cutting it awfully close.  I really need to plan on feeding at least some through most of March.


Then I also need to keep some to feed moms that are shut in to have their kids in June.


That means I need to either use less hay, or I’ll have to end up getting some more.  To start, I’m opening up the front pasture for everyone again so that they can go out there.  I’m guessing they’ll be happy to spend a couple of hours out there eating as soon as the snow melts by the end of this week.

That will save me a bale a day as long as the weather is decent.

Twyla, Toffee, and grandma Stormy

My nephew did say he has quite a few bales too.  That’s a good thing.