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Winter Workout

12 Jan

I decided that I need some real exercise this winter other than chores.  Trust me, that’s a workout in cold weather, but I need to do some real exercise, so I decided to bring the exercise bike home.  I got this about 1992 for $5.00 at a garage sale.

You’ve got to love the amazing 1970s gold.

It’s noisy, but it works.

I put it in the living room so I can read a book or watch television or whatever while I ride my five miles.

Noelle–some kitten seems to like figure skating.

Usually if I look to the cat tree on my left, this is what I see.

Looking to the right, I have this great sight.

Rocky, Sky, and Leo

Occasionally, I get this feeling like I’m being watched.  Then I have to jump off the bike and go open the door.  Sometimes it’s Sky.  Sometimes it’s Bob.

I guess it works though.  I look forward to spring and summer when I can just go walking out in pasture again.