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Stir Crazy

2 Jan

Sky is not used to being in the house all day.  He loves to be in with me, and he sleeps in at night, but he usually gets to be outside all day running around.  I made the mistake of letting him stay in the house for fifteen minutes yesterday while I took a couple of pictures and moved Lily.  This is what I came in to find.

Really?  I’m not sure if it’s in his defense or just an observation, but I’m guessing he was going to grab the napkins from the holder to throw around.  That’s what he usually does when I leave him in alone for two minutes.

Honestly.  He has toys and rawhide pieces.

He got to bring a stick in to chew on.

For crying out loud, I got him a kitten for his birthday.  Chew on that!

But no.  He eats the recipe holder my parents made and I’ve had for thirty years.  I’m a bit worried when I go back to work tomorrow and leave him in the house in the morning.  (Bless my nephew who is going to come kick him out after it warms up some).