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How Cold Is It?

27 Dec

It’s so cold that my well was frozen when I checked it today!  I was a bit surprised, but the cattle tank was empty and the hydrant didn’t work.  I was relieved that I caught it soon enough that when I poured water in the cattle tank, it steamed, so my heater was still working.

I tried hooking up the hose to fill buckets of water for the animals to get a drink, but I apparently didn’t drain it well enough after the last time I used it, so I had to just carry buckets from the spigot in the yard.

Myson in back; Cinnamon in front

They did appreciate the water.


After consulting with my expert on all things farm (who talked to his dad), we decided it had to be frozen where the line went out of the well house.

After talking with him, I did remember that Sky ate my heater.  I had the other heater I put in there, but I didn’t know where it was set, and I forgot to check it.  I guess I only had it set warm enough for 10* F (-12.2*C), and we were at -14*F (-25.6*C) this morning.


I’m still blaming Sky.