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An Aurora Update

24 Dec

The Iowa State Field vet came on Friday to see if we could figure out what’s going on with Aurora.  It was kind of a nightmare flashback to Llenny.  Everything seems normal.  Other than the llama being super thin, everything seems fine.  Well, these vets at least took a fecal sample and blood.  The blood work was unremarkable.  That’s good.  If it had shown something, it would have most likely been something we couldn’t do anything to help her. The test for Johnes was negative too.  The stool did show she has a moderate parasite load.  We’re going to worm her again with a different wormer.


We sort of have a plan of action.  I have to do the wormer and a round of antibiotics because of the slightly high white blood count, which the vet thought was most likely due to being off feed.  We can still do a rumen transfer to help her have some more good gut bacteria.   Then we can also treat her for ulcers since there’s nothing else.  The only way to know for certain it’s ulcers is a necropsy, and I’d like to avoid that.  They did say they could possibly do an ultrasound to get more information.  I’m also going to adjust her feed.  The sweet feed will make ulcers worse, so I’m going to try to get her to a richer alfalfa hay for protein.

They did give her a shot of vitamin B to help stimulate her appetite.  It seems to have helped a bit this afternoon.  Or maybe it was because I was standing there holding it so she didn’t have to bend down to get a bite.

I did get tired, so I hung some on the gate for her.

Myson and Aurora

Maybe it was also the competition of not wanting the goats to eat it.

Whatever it was, I hope she keeps eating.  I’ll talk to the vet again after Christmas and see what’s next.