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A New Camera

21 Dec

After my walk in pasture last weekend, I decided I needed a new camera.  I found this freshly dug den.  Note the paw prints all over the dirt.

I got a trail camera.

I’m pretty sure this is a coyote den.  It doesn’t look like it’s been occupied since I walked past it on the weekend, but our weather is warm, so it might just be waiting for cold weather.

I took the camera out and tried putting it on the fence, but I wasn’t having any luck, so I put it on a small tree.

Hopefully, I have it aimed properly.  The white arrow is pointing to the den.

We’ll see in a bit if I’m right on what dug that hole.  I just don’t know what I’ll do if it is a coyote.  I don’t think I’ve shared all of them, but I’ve had five coyote attacks on goats this year. They’ve been horrible this fall.

Margarita Osboer

Margarita is the only survivor.  Yes, those spots on her ears are all from the coyote attack.