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16 Dec

Snickers might be old and fighting cancer, but that doesn’t keep him from thinking he should fight other cats that find their way into his yard.  I had just sat down to lunch when Sky and I heard the yowling and went out.  I coaxed Snickers out of the magnolia tree, but the interloper was still up there.

I shut Snickers in the house.


I made Sky quit playing and go inside.


Bob was happy to go in.  I don’t think he even noticed the other cat.  Besides, he just got his annual shots this morning, so he was more worried about himself than anyone else.


Then I left for an hour.  That’s usually enough to get a cat to come down, but when I got back, it was still hanging there.  Literally.  Both back legs were just hanging, so I got worried that he was stuck.

My dad came with a ladder and my son.  My son climbed the tree and tried to rescue the cat, but when he got just to where he could almost reach it, the cat scampered farther up the tree.

Now he’s stuck there until he can figure out how to get down on his own.  It shouldn’t be that hard, but he was still up there at the time I published this.

At least he looks a bit more comfortable too.