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An Old Herd

11 Dec

I keep thinking of my goats as young kids, but they really are getting old.  I have forty-four goats that are here for life.  My oldest goat was born in 2006.  Lily will be twelve in June.  She is one of the original kids I kept.

Lily Osboer

Betty Lou will be eleven in June.

Betty Lou Street

I have three girls, Dolly, Stormy and Litha, who will be ten in June.

Litha May Street

Maggie, Penny and Sallie are all turning nine on their next birthday.

Maggie Osboer

I have five girls turning eight in 2018:  Bambi, Flower, Pistol, Vinnie and Vixen.  Bambi is the oldest one having kids this year.  How did that happen?  I haven’t decided about Vinnie yet.  Of course, I also have to catch her to put her in with a boy.

Bambi Blackboer

The year I kept the most kids ever was 2011.  I have eleven goats turning seven this year:  Blaze, Bonnie, Cinnamon, Clover, Cookie, Casey, Coral, Fionn, Haley, Harley, and Victoria.

Cinnamon Sue Blackboer

That means I have twenty-four goats that will be seven or older.  The average lifespan of a full sized goat is ten to fourteen years.  Yeah, my herd is old.  In case you find this really interesting, my goats turning six this year are Maisie, Mary and Myson (it was a good year for M names).

Mary Van de Yell

The ones turning five are Moose, Reva and Joani.

Reva Van de Yell

I only have two turning four:  Gidget and Wanda.

Gidget Van de Yell

My goats from 2015 are Xerxes, Annie and Hilda.  Sam is also turning three, but I will probably only keep him for one more year since I’ve been keeping his kids.

Polka Sallie Annie Osboer

The three turning two this year are Cutie Pie, Ava and Daisy.

Daisy Ann Osboer

Finally, the ones I kept from this past year’s kids are: Zinnia, Sidney, LilyAnn, Caroline, Astra and Margarita.

Astra Goodberry

As much as I look forward to having a smaller herd, I really know the next few years will hold a lot of good-byes.