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Loading Out Cattle

25 Nov

It was time for my nephew’s cattle to leave the Back Forty and head to a harvested corn field so they could feast on corn stalks.  We thought about doing it the old fashioned way and walking them through town, but we figured people might not be happy if they meandered through their yards leaving pies along the way.  Instead, they brought their shiny new trailer this morning.

Then we headed out to pasture to bring the cattle up to the barnyard.  No pictures of my zooming around on the Ranger driving them up.  It was fun though.  It’s been a long time since I’ve herded cattle.  Luckily these were pretty cooperative.

When everyone else caught up (they were on foot), we ran them on into the barnyard.

After we got everyone into the barnyard and shut the gate to the lane, we ran the cattle into the barn.

Then the corral panel went across the opening to the barn.

Then we started walking them through the barn to get on the trailer.

It wasn’t too bad.  The bull, 2J80, did dig his front feet in and refuse to move for a few minutes, but then he loaded.

The naughty rump roasts don’t have a lot of experience with getting on trailers, so they did wander around and not want to cooperate.

Four of them escaped the barn, but we finally got everyone loaded and moved.