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Margarita Back With the Herd

29 Oct

I decided to let Margarita out of the Love Shack pen today for a little bit.  By the time I had run to the house for my camera, they had all gone out on the front pasture.

There she is!


I think she was happy to be out.  I still can’t believe all the wounds on her little neck.

Of course, Vanna had to do it.  She butted Margarita in the butt.  Later, when Margarita had wandered a bit away from me, Vanna came on a run and knocked her down.  Brat.

It didn’t seem to bother Margarita, but it started sprinkling, so I carried her back up to the Love Shack.

I’ll keep trying to let her out a little at a time to build up some strength.