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I Want Fall

26 Oct

It’s been a little while since I complained about the weather, so I figure I should do that again.  Seriously.  Look at this.  It’s October.  I want sixty and sunshine.  Friday’s weather is totally unacceptable.

Especially since Odie and Maybeline are going to have crias.  Sometime.  I don’t know when, but if the weather is bad, that seems to increase the likelihood that they will kid?     calve?      cria?  give birth.


I bribed them into the front pen that was too muddy to put them in before.  Unfortunately, with our crazy wetter than usual October (seriously–we’ve had more rain in October than we did all summer long), the hay is moldy.  My nephew is going to try to bring a new bale for them.  Until then, they have some pads in the building.


Unfortunately, they don’t really want to stay in there by themselves.  They’ve really bonded with the other llamas, and they think they should get to rejoin the rest of the group.  Farina is also not happy with losing her new friends.


They can still sleep next to each other.  This is where they have been sleeping at night, just on the other side of the fence.

I also have it arranged for them to get checked during the day tomorrow in the event someone gives birth outside.