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Still Waiting

31 Oct

I’m still waiting on crias to arrive.  I can’t think it will be more than a couple of weeks, but I kind of thought they would be here by the end of October.  I’m guessing that isn’t going to happen.


I wish we’d get back up to some more normal temperatures.  Bless my mom for coming to check on them during the day.

Maybeline and Odie

Hopefully soon!

Finding Their Own Forever Farm

30 Oct

Yesterday, Princess and Ellie May left the farm.


They are going to a forever farm where they will get excellent care and be spoiled.

Ellie May

I love when I get to share a happy ending!

Margarita Back With the Herd

29 Oct

I decided to let Margarita out of the Love Shack pen today for a little bit.  By the time I had run to the house for my camera, they had all gone out on the front pasture.

There she is!


I think she was happy to be out.  I still can’t believe all the wounds on her little neck.

Of course, Vanna had to do it.  She butted Margarita in the butt.  Later, when Margarita had wandered a bit away from me, Vanna came on a run and knocked her down.  Brat.

It didn’t seem to bother Margarita, but it started sprinkling, so I carried her back up to the Love Shack.

I’ll keep trying to let her out a little at a time to build up some strength.