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Llama Roast

22 Jul

I decided not to go to the farmer’s market on Thursday because of my concern for the animals in the heat.  It’s a good thing I stayed home.  The heat really about turned into a llama roast or two.  Most everyone was holding their own.

Farina, Maybeline, Buster, and Aurora

I mentioned that Odie was really hot, but I couldn’t catch her to bring her to where I could hose her down, and I wasn’t going to chase her.  That would not help.


Instead, I went back to getting fresh water in the tubs.  Then I saw Aurora.  She and Buster had just run out to pasture a few minutes before, and that was her nearly fatal mistake.  She was open mouthed panting.  She stood up to walk into the barn and her back end was all wonky.  I quickly got another hose and ran it into the barn.  She just looked at me with pained eyes and let me hose her down.


While I was in there, I went to check on Odie in the back of the barn and saw Maybeline was also open mouthed panting with stressed eyes, so I drug the hose back there and hosed her down.  Thankfully, she let me also.


After an hour of hosing one and then the other and luring them out of the barn where there was no air moving and into the shade, they all did a bit better.

Farina, Buster (front), Estar, and Aurora

Luckily, we had some rain over night that helped to cool us down to just horribly hot instead of killing hot.