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Two Heads

8 Jul

Sometimes two heads are not better than one, especially when they share one body.  A local farmer let me come to his farm and photograph and share this one that was born on his farm.  Yesterday morning, when he checked the cow, he saw she had a calf.  Then he noticed a second calf.  Usually twins are a good thing.

Cow with twins: normal on the left and two-headed on the right

He went to check the calf laying down and make sure it had nursed and was “disturbed” when he saw a second head.  It really freaked him out when the third eye opened and looked at him.

Poor baby is actually doing well.  It can get up and walk around and nurse mom.

Unfortunately, with the jaw deformity, it will not be able to live long.

The record for a calf with polycephaly is 108 days.  That one had cleft palates in both mouths.  I don’t think the second mouth on this one is functional (although I didn’t try to see if it could suck).

I am completely amazed that the cow managed to have the baby on her own.

Poor baby.  I’m glad she has the other twin.