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Integrating the Llamas: Part I

3 Jul

Friday morning we were supposed to be done with our rainy stretch for a couple of days (although we didn’t get much rain and we’re still too dry), so I decided it was time to let the new llady llamas and Buster in with Odie, Maybeline and the whole herd of goats.  I waited until everyone was out in pasture, so the barnyard was pretty much empty.  I started by taking Minnie Pearl back up and putting her in with the llamas.

Minnie Pearl

I wanted to make sure they would be okay with the goats.  Poor Minnie.  She was my sacrificial guinea pig, but she didn’t care.  She was just happy to be back on her little pasture and the llamas just wanted to sniff her over.  I brought Helen up, and then I let the llamas out.

Estarr and Buster

They explored the barnyard pretty thoroughly.

Farina checking out Maggie and Tequilla

It only took a few minutes before Farina and Estarr went through the barn to the other side of the barnyard.


That left poor Buster and Aurora stranded.  Buster is small enough, he squeezed through by the cattle tank, but Aurora was alone.  When she went into the Love Shack pen, I decided I’d help her out.  I got the halter and was going to put it on and lead her around.  Well, we discovered she has no problem jumping over a cattle panel.  I better keep this girl happy.


She finally figured it out.

They all found the dust bowl and had baths.

Estarr and Farina (Aurora standing behind)

Farina and Buster (and Estarr behind)  Aurora standing

It wasn’t long before Maybeline and Odie came up from pasture.  I was actually rather impressed.  It was a pretty easy acquaintance.  Lots of ears back, but only minimal spitting.

Maybeline, Farina, and Odie

Aurora and Odie

Then they ended up out in pasture.  It was just a quick walk around a small part of the pasture, but it was a start.

Buster, Aurora, Estarr, and Farina



Then they came back up. It wasn’t long before the goats came back up from pasture and that kind of freaked poor Buster out a bit.  He sounded the alarm, and then he tried to turn and run from them, but there was a big fallen tree in his way.  He tried jumping it and ended up hanging over it.  He finally got himself free.  Poor boy.

Estarr in the dust bowl, Aurora, Buster and “the tree”

I will say, Farina is absolutely certain that my three bucks are evil.  Every time she sees them, she still sounds the alarm.  Buster has pretty much gotten over it. You can check out the video below.

Hopefully, she’ll eventually realize they are pretty sweet guys.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.