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24 May

We’ve had so much rain and so many clouds the last few days, that I’ve not had the opportunity to go walking in pasture.

Today, when I got home from work, however, there was actual sunshine!

I decided to go for a walk and see the goats.

I spotted a bluebird!

I also got to listen to the birds.  There are so many meadowlarks out there.  I swear they’re everywhere.

I also have a lot of bobolinks.  I usually only get to see the males.  Of course, they are still all dressed in their breeding finery and singing their song.  You can check out their song here.

male bobolink

When I do see the females, I always question if I’m right because they look a lot like the female red-winged blackbird.  They are ground nesting birds, so I think it’s good we aren’t making hay off my back hills until later in the summer.  I hope they will keep coming back.

female bobolink

Hopefully the nice weather will continue and give the pasture and yard and fields a chance to dry out a bit.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.