Puppy Rule #7

10 Apr

This is what a good dog is supposed to do in the yard.  Chase balls, run, and chew on sticks.


Puppy Rule #7:  No digging in the yard.  I realize Stella started trying to dig this tree out, but she was trying to make a nice soft cool place to lay when she was sick.  You are young and healthy, so no excuses there.

I know it would help if Snickers would quit depositing little kitty stick treats in the loose dirt also, but no digging!

Now, I did see you had a mole the other day, throwing it around like it was a bean bag.  (No body was later found to remove, which might lead to another puppy rule).

Therefore, the caveat for puppy rule #7 is “unless you are digging a mole out of the ground to preserve the yard.”

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  This week’s items are at the top of my side bar.


2 Responses to “Puppy Rule #7”

  1. Eileen April 11, 2017 at 6:01 am #

    Oh my, that is a big hole. I hope the mole got away, could Sky eat it? UGH!

  2. Jeanne April 11, 2017 at 10:18 pm #

    That really is a big hole!! I think our son in law used to tie the dog in the hole he had dug! I don’t know if I would recommend that!

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