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Cold Snap

11 Mar

After starting my week of kidding with temperatures about ten degrees above normal, we’ve slowly dropped, and now we’re about fifteen degrees below normal.  I’m not happy with this.  My kids were born outside and used to just following their moms and napping wherever they pleased.  Poor Ghost went from being happy to shivering in his preferred sleeping space.

Stormy and Ghost

These kids are not used to having to make a mosh pile under a heat lamp.

I’m not happy with having to use heat lamps, but that is quite the sudden change for these babies.  I keep checking it frequently.

It’s at an age when they just want to start playing too.

Joani and her buck

They are wanting to start going out to pasture with their moms.

Instead, they are stuck inside trying to stay warm.

At least the wind has died down, so I did open the doors for my newest moms to come out.  Cinnamon and Haley really liked getting out of the Love Shack (and the llady llamas were checking out the new kids).

Vixen stepped out with her kids, but she’s been very careful about keeping them sheltered from the little wind we do have today.

Vixen’s girl Foxy.

Sadly, it looks like the middle of next week with a potential snow storm before we make it back up to normal temperatures.