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Rocky Monster

7 Mar

Something happened here at Eden Hills that I haven’t mentioned, and now it seems like old news to me, but I think I’d better update you because I keep getting photobombed.  In the last weekend of the pumpkin patch, we trapped a feral kitten.  I hadn’t planned on keeping him, but he was thin and wormy.  I had to show him what cat food was, and then he had diarrhea for what seemed like forever.  After all of that happening before I could re-home him, I kind of got attached.

Rocky Monster

Welcome (rather late) Rocky Monster to Eden Hills.  Trust me.  He really is a monster, but he’s also the sweetest guy you could hope to meet.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt this week.  I have the items listed at the top of my side bar.