Stormy’s Turn

4 Mar

I am really happy I didn’t hit the snooze alarm just one more time like I wanted to this morning because when I got outside I heard a horrible pain-filled yell that immediately told me someone was about to give birth.  I ran to the barn and found Stormy had just had her first kid.

Stormy and buck #1

Stormy and buck #1

It was a huge beautiful buck.  I moved  her to the green house where it was a bit warmer and helped her dry the baby off.  He was immediately trying to stand and nurse.  He is a real go-getter!



It was just a few minutes when she paused for a contraction.  I saw she had the kid hanging out, so I just caught him with my towel and cleaned the bag off his face.  This one one was literally about a third the size of the first one.  I showed him to Stormy, but she was so busy with her first kid that she didn’t notice.  This one was weak.  He didn’t cry and just laid under the heat lamp.  I kept showing Stormy, but she was really befuddled.  He smelled right, but she knew she only had one kid.  Well, he’s in the house now.  He’s had a bottle.

Buck #2

Buck #2

He doesn’t act like a full-term kid.  He acts like a premie.  I’m sure he is so small because of our really mild winter.  When it’s this warm eggs that are fertilized and attach to the uterus in a not-so-perfect spot aren’t sloughed off by the body.  They actually get enough to survive, but they are small.   I lovingly refer to these kids as afterfarts.  He will be fine, but I’m pretty sure Stormy is never going to believe me that she actually gave birth to two kids.

9 Responses to “Stormy’s Turn”

  1. janicead at 6:19 pm #

    How very interesting!

  2. Well, he is the cutest little afterfart I have ever seen

  3. Margaret Adamson at 1:18 am #

    What a terrible name for this tiny little kid!!

    • Teresa at 9:19 am #

      Neither of Stormy’s kids had names at the time of the post. Stormy got her name because right after she was born it started hailing outside.

  4. Andrea at 8:14 am #

    I know nothing of goats, but I find it so sad that the second wee one would be otherwise ignored if it were not for you. What a pleasure though, to wake up to new life!
    Happy Sunday to you,

    • Teresa at 9:20 am #

      There is no way he could have lived without intervention. Nature is not always kind.

  5. scotiaspinner at 5:02 pm #

    What a cute pair of kids – even if they are very different sizes and personalities. I know you don’t want a lot of bottle kids in the house, but, if you have to have one, a tiny one is always extra cute! Afterfart! Hee hee hee! He needs a big, strong name to grow into!

  6. Jeanne at 10:07 pm #

    That’s very interesting! Too bad Stormy won’t take the tiny one. It seems highly unlikely that she would, after the way she reacted to him. They’re both very cute. I’m glad too, that you were there to help out!

  7. pattisj at 5:05 pm #

    After the first big one, she didn’t even feel the second! Poor buck #2. 😦

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