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Lost and Found

26 Dec

It’s not hard to loose itty bitty kids.  They crawl into tiny spaces and fall asleep.  But Vanilla is a big kid, so I was a bit surprised when I couldn’t find Vanilla.  He wasn’t with Minnie, Helen and the little girls.

Minnie, Cutie, Helen and Strawberry

Minnie, Cutie, Helen and Strawberry

I decided to hike out and make sure he’d just gone back to the big herd.  It looked beautiful out there, but the gale force winds were freezing!


Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find him out there.


He was awfully happy out with everyone else.


But tonight, he came back in to eat hay with the small group in the yard.  Not that he’s spoiled or anything.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt this week.  I have the items at the top of my sidebar.