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They Never Do Things the Easy Way

1 Nov

Somehow, I ended up with Xerxes and Sugar in the Love Shack together.

Xerxes and Sugar

Xerxes and Sugar

Sam and Blaze ended up in the north paddock.

Helen and Sam and Blaze

Helen and Sam and Blaze

Um.  I want the two boys up north, but I don’t know how to move Xerxes without letting Sugar out (and I can’t catch her on my own), so I’ve just left them as these two couples.


Until this weekend because Blaze kept doing this.  Really?



Now Sam is all alone and unhappy,

Sam Goodberry

and Blaze is happily back in pasture with her family.


Hopefully, the weather changes and I won’t have to keep using fly spray on Sugar.  Then I can let her out too and move Xerxes up with Sam.

I hope you’ll come join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.