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Shirking His Duties

29 Oct

Since Llenny’s been here, he has stayed with the goats.  They go out during the day, and he’d be with them.  At night, he’d come up and stay in the barnyard.  Not anymore. When I got the two llady llamas, I knew there was a risk that Llenny would ignore the goats.  I figured worst case scenario would be having to move the girls to the front pasture and leave Llenny in the back forty.

Llenny ignoring goats in the background

Llenny ignoring goats in the background

I have hardly seen him in the barnyard since I let the lladies out to pasture.  He’s too busy stalking them (and I do mean that literally).


Now, one of the reasons I wanted to get another llama was because of the horrible coyote problem we have here.  I’ve lost ten geese to coyotes this summer.  I finally got the remaining geese shut in the yard, but I am petrified of what might happen with the goats.


About two weeks before the lladies arrived, I found coyote paw prints going through my barnyard.


Well, it seems that Llenny has forgotten the goats in his love of the lladies, but it’s not like he was actually present in the barnyard when he was with them.  He would come up, but he’d go into the back corner of the barn and stay there.  He was invisible.

Maybeline and Odie

Maybeline and Odie

Now, I have three llamas out on my back hill.  They are visible everywhere on the farm.


Instead of hearing the coyotes and having it sound like they are standing under my window two or three times a night, I’ve only heard them once since the lladies went out to pasture.


Visibility seems to be the key. I am quite fine with Llenny shirking his guard duties as long as he’s standing out on the hill with the lladies.