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Critters at the Patch

1 Oct

It’s always interesting to see who shows up at the pumpkin patch.  Today I had a red-bellied woodpecker playing hide and seek with me.  Seriously.  I finally managed to get a decent shot.


There were a half dozen vultures circling overhead for a little bit.  It kind of made me nervous.  Then there’s the beautiful garden spider with the web by the building.


Of course, Cutie and Strawberry are there.  Everyone keeps asking me about Cutie’s wattles.  I like to tell them that they’re just goatie jewelry.  Silly Ava and Charlie sneaked out of the yard and went out to pasture before I got them up there.

Strawberry and Cutie

Strawberry and Cutie

Then there’s this little cutie that showed up.  We are guessing we might have found the guilty party who was eating the Indian corn at night.


I put the started ears out tonight, so hopefully, he won’t start on any new ones.