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Supervisor Snickers

30 Jul

While I had the open farm this morning, my mom and dad came out and we worked on some things.  My mom is painting some of those photo opp face boards (Do they have a real name?), and my dad was cutting the face holes out.

Face Board_3111ews

Snickers was inspecting my dad’s truck to make sure it was okay for it to be in my garage.


Then he was watching from the hay bale.


Later, when we were working on hinges for the screen door, he had to get a closer look.



If I hadn’t kept the door shut, he’d have been in the soap room checking to make sure we hung it properly.



I’m also pretty sure, I’ll have to find someplace where he isn’t in order to put the dots on the dice my dad made for my yard Yahtzee game.


He’s such a good supervisor!


I don’t know how we’d get anything done without him.