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Community Celebration

23 Jul

This weekend is my small town’s community celebration.  There were fireworks last night, and I went into town to watch them.




I do think it’s one of the best fireworks displays around!  Today we had a parade.  My nephew drove the tractor pulling Artie, the vintage flarebox wagon.


My mom threw candy.


I walked along the route handing out fliers on my pumpkin patch this fall.  That means I didn’t get to take many pictures.   Okay, I only took a picture of the fire truck behind Artie.

Fire Truck_2784ews

I didn’t set up for the farmer’s market.  With today’s horrible heat and humidity, I decided I needed to get back home to check on the goats.  Unfortunately, as I was getting ready to come into town, I realized my ride, the Ranger, had flat tires, so I got to ride back home in Artie.

Gravel Road_2785ews

Tonight there’s live music, but I’m not sure I’m up to going out in the heat anymore.

There’s still time to join me in Friday’s Hunt if you want.