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Stormy Skies

18 Jul

We’ve had several storms in the last week or so that has really helped with how dry we are.  They’ve also given us beautiful skies.


Sadly, there’s been some damage around the state.  I’m lucky.  The only damage I’ve had is my peach tree.

peach tree_1663ews

I’m still crossing my fingers that I can get the peaches from it this year.  peach tree_1666ews

peach tree_1664ews

Then I’ll have to take it down.  The storms are going to be out of the forecast after tomorrow, but then the heat is back.


We’re going to have dangerous heat for the last half of the week.

clouds and barn_1963ews


The temps are going to be in the upper nineties with tropical humidity.  Hopefully, it doesn’t last for long.

If you want to join me for Friday’s Hunt this week, I’ve put the items at the top of my side bar.