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Hide and Goat Seek

7 Jul

Today was a busy day.  Just when I was thinking of doing a blog post, I got involved in a couple of rounds of hide-and-goat-seek.  I won the first one!

Reva's kids: Elmer and Jacob

Reva’s kids: Elmer and Jacob

I walked out to pasture and searched for Reva’s bucks.  I found them on my way back up to the barnyard.  Granted, I spent half an hour walking up and down hills and they were twenty feet outside the barnyard, but I found them!  The next round was a bit more difficult.  Litha’s kids were in the barnyard with her, and sometime she went out to pasture.  I couldn’t find her babies.  I did wait until after the goats came back from pasture and I milked and I still had not seen the babies with her before I decided she left them in pasture.  After and hour and a half of trying to find them and trying to get Litha to call to them, I could see her thinking about it.  Then she turned and went to the barnyard.  I might have threatened her if she was just following the herd.


Litha’s buck, Roi


Litha’s doe, Princess

I found them safely in the barn hidden behind a tarp that I did not know they could get behind.  At least I found them and they were safe.  Final score, Farmer Teresa: 2; Goats:2

I do hope you’ll come back and join me for Friday’s Hunt tomorrow.  The items for tomorrow are listed at the top of my sidebar.