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Done Kidding

2 Jul

We finished kidding for 2016 today.  When the goats came up from pasture, I went to check them and found Litha in the barn in labor.  I didn’t find Reva anywhere.  After trying to decide who needed my attention more, I called my mom to come hang out with Litha and I went to find Reva.  Luckily, I could spot her down in the pasture from the barnyard, so I knew right where to go.  When I got close, I saw her and her twin boys.

Reva van de Yell

Reva van de Yell

I had my son come out and help me get her back to the barnyard.  We put the kids in a pet taxi in the back of the Ranger, and we had Reva stand in front with us.  It was a bit crowded, but we got to the barnyard.

Doe and kids_1007ews

She and the boys are doing well.

Twin kids_0989ews

Litha wasn’t much longer before she had her twins.

Litha May Street

Litha May Street

newborn kid_1040ews

newborn kid_1044ews

They’re doing well too.

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