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Solving the Yard Goat Problem

25 May

With my garden getting tilled, I had to figure out what to do with my yard goats.  I do believe last summer Sam enjoyed snacking on my green bean plants. I didn’t want a repeat.

Xerxes (back) and Sam

Xerxes (back) and Sam

That means I had to have another fence.  I had panels up north, where we had the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch last fall.

Ranger ew

I had to bring them to my yard with the help of my trusty Ranger.


Then I put up a fence all across the yard.

Yard Fence_7359ews

The boys were a bit disappointed about having their space cut in half, but they still have plenty of space.

Yard Goat_7357ews

Hopefully, I’ll get these veggies planted (between rain showers) and have a great harvest.


This is a good addition to the yard!

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