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Big Green Tractor

23 May

My ninety-three-year-old uncle came out on Saturday with his Big Green Tractor.


Between work and weather I didn’t have things quite as ready as I wanted.  My nephews pulled the old railroad ties out of the ground where the strawberry bed used to be, but between working and weather, I never got it burned.  I also need to rip out the stone border around the herb garden and start it over or put it into the garden.


With with all those obstacles, it wasn’t easy to till.  I was standing out there trying to give my uncle hand signals as to which way to back up because he’s pretty deaf even when he isn’t in a tractor.


About half way through, he got way off and slowly got down from the tractor to see where he was.  He said he couldn’t get turned around (stiff neck) enough to see where he was going.  I mentioned trying to stand right where he needed to back to.  Of course, that’s when he told me he couldn’t see a thing because his eyes were watering.  Luckily, at ninety-three he only drives slowly because the one time he would have backed over me, I could pretty easily step out of the way.


We got it done!  Now I can at least plant the majority of the garden.  I only see one problem with this.

Yard Goat in Garden_7217ews

Yard goats.

Today’s post is brought to you my my Uncle Robert, Song-ography and Jason Aldean’s Big Green Tractor.

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