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Bird Walking with Bob

14 May

It was cold and windy today, but after working so much this week, I decided to go for a walk with the goats and see if I could find some birds too.  Before I ever left the yard, I found a couple of birds.


I’m not sure what they are enjoying, but they really seem to be enjoying something in the front yard.


Is this a juvenile?  [Edit:  white crowned sparrow]


I also saw the robin whose nest is in the maple tree.


I finally  made it to pasture, and guess who showed up!  Bob Cat!


He’s so helpful, but I did see a wren (as it flew from Bob talking to me).


Then there was the cat bird.



Finally, I saw this one.  Is it a wren too?  [Edit: palm warbler]


I am so bad at identifying birds.  Really.

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