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Brindle and Bode

27 Apr

If you’ve been hanging out here since the kids were born last month, you probably remember that Penny was having a hard time feeding both of her kids.  Brindle was doing well, but Bode was starving.  We tubed him and I squirted milk down his throat, and he was finally doing better.

Brindle bouncing towards Bode

Brindle bouncing towards Bode

Well, I think he’s not even skinny now.

kid twins_5878ews

He certainly acts like he’s feeling good.

kid buck_5930ews

You can still tell he’s smaller than his sister.  It was obvious when I was trying to get a “tail count” shot for next year.

tail count_5932ews

I will say, though, he’s doing pretty darn good.  That warms my heart.

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