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Why I Love Them

6 Apr

If you don’t come here often, you probably don’t know about my Muffin.  She’s turning ten this summer and is a rather feisty girl.  She likes fighting through fences more than she should.  A lot of them like to do that, but what makes her different from the rest of my goats is that she nearly killed herself by getting tangled in wire while fighting through the fence last fall.

Muffin Jane Osboer

Muffin Jane Osboer

I got to her and saved her, but she does have a significant brain injury.  She’s never returned to her normal self.  I sometimes wonder how much she remembers about life before the accident.  She doesn’t interact with her doe, Wanda, and they were very close before this.

Old Doe Goat_4567ews

If you know anything about brain injuries, the person/goat struggles with memory and they process very slowly.  They need consistency and are easily over-stimulated.  That made it hard on her when she was with another forty goats who wanted to browse all over the pasture.

Old doe goat_4571ews

I put her with Pistol (who had a back injury right after being clandestinely bred through the fence) for the winter.  She was there when Pistol had her kids, and Tommy and PJ think they have two moms.  You’re just as likely to see them with Muffin as you are Pistol.   I joked with Pistol (yes, I talk to my goats) that she actually has three kids.

Doe Pistol_4326ews

I didn’t realize how close they had become.  I thought Pistol tolerated Muffin.  Then Muffin was fighting through a fence again.  I led her away from the fence, scolding her the whole way about bad things that happen when she does that.  I saw Pistol’s boys, and told Muffin that she should go hang out with Tommy and PJ.  As I said this, I was walking past Pistol.  She softly talked, and Muffin quit fighting me and went to stand with Pistol.  It almost made me cry to see that Pistol really did help Muffin out.

Goat Family_4589ews

I wasn’t sure what would happen now that all the goats are back in one large group.

Goat Family_4586ews

They still hang out together, and every night they go back to the buck pen that they shared for the last few months.  It does my heart good to see Muffin doing okay in the larger group.  I hope she can continue with them.  It really warms my heart to see how Pistol takes care of Muffin.

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