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Eviction Notice

3 Apr

I think I’m going to have to give Blaze and Gidget eviction notices to get them out of the yard.  I opened the gate and suggested they go out to pasture.  Blaze just looked at me and took a long drink of the water that doesn’t have geese playing in it.



Then she ambled back to the back yard where Gidget was finishing the last of the corn they had, each in their own food pan with nobody to push them out.  Together, they wander around to eat in the yard and garden.  Later, they’ll go to sleep in their part of the greenhouse without anyone else trying to take their spot.  Wonder why they like where they’re at.

Blaze and Gidget

Blaze and Gidget

Their kids are really getting big and doing well.  André is just too cute with his fuzzy wattles!  Gidget is doing a good job of raising him.



Of course, she has her maa as a good role model.  Amazingly, Blaze is raising both of her kids.  This will be the first time she’s ever been able to raise more than one baby.

Yard Gaots_4636ews

Her udder is such a mess that she just can’t feed her kids.  See her kids (on top) nursing a teat and there’s also an extra teat on each side.  Because they are uneven and different sizes, it just doesn’t work.  Gidget has four teats (on the bottom), but they are all even and doesn’t seem to be a problem.  André  nurses all four!

Top Blaze with Duke and Duchess; Bottom Gidget with Andre

Top Blaze with Duke and Duchess; Bottom Gidget with André

I’m really not sure how to get them out of my yard, but they all seem happy and healthy.  Guess I’ll worry about it when it’s time to plant the garden.

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