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This and That With the Kids

27 Mar

Haley is struggling to keep up feeding her triplets.  I get to give them bottles to help finish filling them up.

Willie (left), Kip (top), and Willie and Clyde (bottom)

Willie (left), Kip (top), and Willie and Clyde (bottom)

I guess that’s only fair since she is one of the girls that put all that milk in my freezer.

Dolly’s boy, Rufus, is a trouble maker.  From the moment he was born, he’s been a pain.  I went out about an hour after working hard to pull him into the world to find him standing in his maa’s water bucket.  Newborn kids should not swim.  I fished him out and dried him off again.



The next day, I came home from town to find him lying in a five-gallon bucket (on it’s side) with half of him outside in the rain.  Dolly must think he’s a duck.


It’s a good thing he’s so cute, because today, he managed to find himself in the wrong side of the barnyard and couldn’t figure out how to get back to his mom, so I had to go rescue him.  Yep.  He’s a trouble maker.

Since Dolly only has one kid, she’s making more milk than he can drink.  I’m fine with that.  I actually got to use my new milk room (even though it’s not quite done) and milk one side of her udder.  I got just about a quart from that one side.  I’m loving my little Dolly!

milk collage ws

fresh from the goat and after filtering

I have to say, these adorable girls make me wish I was planning on keeping lots of girls this year.

Cookie's girl and Clover's doe, Lexie

Cookie’s girl and Clover’s doe, Lexie

Stormy's girl, Sal

Stormy’s girl, Sal

They are too cute!  Sam better start thinking girls for next year.

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