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A Soap Crisis

13 Mar

I have started making soaps to restock for the spring farmer’s market season.  I did another three batches this weekend, and I have another nine batches to make.

soap collage

Unfortunately, I only have enough milk cubes in my freezer for another four batches.

milk cubes_3506ews

That means Pistol is going to have to nanny up and be my milking doe.

Pistol (with Tommy and PJ nursing)

Pistol (with Tommy and PJ nursing)

I’m not sure how this will work since I’ve never milked her. My milk room isn’t ready for training a goat, and my training stanchion is in the muddy chicken pen where I have three naughty roosters that want to kill me every time I go in.


I’m hoping she’s having a heart-to-heart with her mother and daughter where they are telling her how awesome it is to be a milking doe.

Dolly and Pistol (front) Clover (back)

Dolly and Pistol (front)
Clover (back)

I never had to train Dolly or Clover.  They just stood naturally.  Hopefully Pistol doesn’t take after her grandmaa Lily, whom I never once could milk.  I’ll probably try this during the time I have spring break kids coming.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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