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Scavenger Hunt Randomness

12 Mar

Ashley gave us the following for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday: something you wore, window, red, loud, and fork.  Yep.  This is totally random. I also think I could link to every meme I participate in with this one.  There’s an idea as far behind as I’ve gotten with visiting everyone.

Something you wore:  I had my stuff out to make soap when I decided I needed to keep a closer eye on Gidget to see if she was going to kid.  As of yet, it’s a false alarm, but it also got too late to think about making soap today.  I guess there’s always tomorrow (unless I think someone might be thinking about kidding again).

glove wear_3480e

Window:  I had these two windows I saved from my old garage, thinking they would be good for something.  Well, they were in the greenhouse with Muffin and Pistol with no problems.  Sam, Vixen and Wanda didn’t touch them.  My four pregnant girls hadn’t been in there but a few days before they knocked them down and broke one.  Really?  This is why we can’t have anything nice.


Red:  Right outside my window was a red-winged blackbird (kindly showing off that red).

red-winged black bird collage

Here’s a bonus pair of robins (Aren’t they called robin red-breast even though they are orange?).


Loud:  Pistol might be small, but she can be quite loud.  (It’s her Osboer genes.)

Goat in pasture_3418aws

That comes in handy when you have to maa to two wild boys to come and eat.

Doe goat and kids_3428aws

Fork:  So random that all I could do was play with a little forkography this rainy afternoon.  It might be a good photo to demonstrate a Pinterest fail.


Or I might try again this evening when I can better control my light/shadows.

If you want to join in Friday’s Hunt, there’s still time.  I have this week’s list at the top of my sidebar.

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